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Thread: port forwarding my D-Link G624T router???

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    hi, i have a router i want to port forward. would this enhance my speeds on using utorrent? if not then maybe it may not even be worth all the kefuffle...

    trouble is, i have tried the port guide and it asks me to set up a static ip etc...also told me to enter my router's ip address? i haven't got a scooby doo

    to be honest, it totally confuctifused me and i just got lost...anyone have a 'noob' guide to port forwarding???


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    Port forwarding for your router is clearly indicated starting at the bottom of page 10 in the user manual. Here's a copy:

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    you could try what i did and rang d-link i have a 302g and found the same problem with trying to open ports so i rang them and in less than a minute all ports were open then with mine i went into preferences connections and set the global maximum download to anywhere under 200 and my speed went fron 8 to around 55 hope that helps


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