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Thread: Graphics card?

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    Came home from work today to find that when i turned on my computer the moniter wasn't showing anything, mucked around with it for 10minutes then opened it up to find my MSI FX5700 256mb cards fan not spinning, cue another 10 minutes of mucking about. It's quite clearly fucked, so i'm using a MX440 for now.

    Long story short I need a new graphics card, advise me.

    -Must be AGP8X.
    -Must be of equal or greater power than my current FX5700.
    -Website/Link must display the product in GPB and ship to the UK.
    -Musn't be uber expensive (I only play the occassional game and thats usually only to test them out)
    -Should be OEM, I don't need anything extra apart from the card.

    It can be Nvidia or ATI, I don't mind another card with about the same power as my FX would be fine.

    Lets set a budget of 30 for now and i'll see what I can get for that.

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    Have you at least looked at what's available and do you have any in mind?

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    I've had a look through Ebuyer and usually I would be quite capable of picking out one for myself but to be honest I havnt kept up with the graphics card times. To put it into prospective the last time I would have been very confident in buying myself a card with my own knowledge the 9800 Pro was the mutts nutts.

    Im seeing a lot of cheap 6200's or 6600's, how do they compare to the ATI equivilents(sp?)?

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    6200 turbo is probably the best low-end card.

    Heck it even supports SM3 and HDR.
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    The 5700 was a minor upgrade to the 5200.
    The 6200 is the PCI-E equivalent to the 5200 (with enhancements), with a serialiser chip to make it AGP compatible.

    So the 6200 should give you roughly the same performance as the 5700 it is replacing.

    I'd advise against getting one of the TC versions though, they actually have a lot less onboard emeory and use system memory to make up the difference

    Oh, don't go for the LE versions either. I don't know what it officially stands for, but I usually refer to it as "Low End". With Ati cards don't go for the SE versions.
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    on something.
    The X1600pro is all right if you want to stay with ATi (costs a bit more, tho').

    Otherwise I'd go with a 6600, those are nice given the price.

    Try for the usual brands with the nvidia, sapphire is all right for the ATis.
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    7600GS is alright too. Its a fine budget video card and can play some of the games pretty well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Peerzy View Post
    -Must be AGP8X.
    -Must be of equal or greater power than my current FX5700.
    eeew........... so basically 30GBP= 55-60$? i think an nvidia 6200 would be good enough, if not, go with with an ati 9800pro.. you can probably get a second hand 6600GT for 60$


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