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Thread: Music Trackers: VIPMusic vs Oink vs TranceTraffic

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    juggler BT Rep: +1
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    How is VIP Music and TranceTraffic, Oink seems to be the only tracker you need for music with the volume of torrents they have on their site and speed. Are VIP Music and TranceTraffic worth an invite? What are the top ranked Music Trackers based on number of active torrents. Obviously its going to be different with different trackers dedicated more towards various types of music. I dont know about trancetraffic and VIP music or indie torrents but my list would be:

    as of 10/2
    1. Oink (89000 active torrents)
    2. Demonoid (29000 active torrents)
    3. (4700 active torrents)

    This list is based on variety and volume, not speed and only on private trackers. Could someone with all the best music trackers fill this list out or give their opinion with the number of active torrents on the other sites that i dont have that could at least beat FileMP3's 4700 torrents?
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    There is dimeadozen with almost 14,000 music only torrents at present.
    Or even Kraytracker with just over 5000 tunes (all of which are from non riaa record labels)

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    Yeah...Dimeadozen pwnz the bootleg scene

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    Quote Originally Posted by pECi View Post
    Yeah...Dimeadozen pwnz the bootleg scene

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    trancetraffic have about 10000 torrentfile
    vipmusic have about 3000 torrentfile

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    trancetraffic is better asaik

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    well, all these music trackers:

    trancetraffic, vipmusic, oink, filemp3 and others
    are good, u don't have acc at one but probably u have accat another, but there is a little difference betwen them, tt is mostly trance, vipmusic - only scene releases,
    and so on

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    Vip is awesome for scene , while I use oink for non-scene and filemp3 for whatever if I feel like something different. There all good.

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    filemp3 is the youngest site, so it is on beginer level, if that site will be growing like now, will be better than VipMuisc or TT...

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    Agree with you , It's just begin .
    Hope it wont stop

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