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Thread: Free server tera news

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    Hi fellow newsgroup junkies.

    I signed up for a free account on tera news today cost a couple dollars and then you get 50 meg per day free. So it is sort of free lol. I downloaded at least 60 meg on it today as a test. It did not stop me downloading after 50 meg. So I want to know if any other users have experienced similar.. How far can you push the boat out? What happens if you go over your limit? After spending a couple of bucks I wouldn't want them to boot me. Any information would be appreciated. TIA

    BTW I did download about 30 meg then went offline and then another 30 meg later if that makes any difference.

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    Ahh just got an email

    Your download limit has been reached. You will receive 502 errors
    unless more download credits are applied to your account. Please log into
    the account manager at our website for more details.

    I dont know if this is permanent or not will try again tomorrow. I still would appreciate your thoughts on this "free" service.

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    Looks like it's meant for people that doesen't download much....

    You have to download in 76 days just to get all the parts for a DVD hehe.

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    Use Teranews to automatically fill in a few parts missing from ISP servers and you can download a lot.

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    I dont begrudge the $10 for my premium server but I am starting to look into free servers more now. I used to have an ISP that had binary groups but that was taken away. I like free but will not unsubscribe my premium account.

    Regarding the Terranews thing think, I can answer my own question now. It appears they will let your download run if it is over 50 meg in a day as long as you dont close connection. However if you download eg 150 meg you will have to wait 3 days until you are in credit again. I might try and download a DVD with them lol see what happens it will be months before they let me back in.

    Anyways been snooping around this site a few weeks you all seem a good bunch on insane people.

    Keep up the good work.

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    Chewie's Avatar Chew E. Bakke
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    If their servers are back up teranews is a good place to upload to.
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