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Thread: Taxi 2 & 3

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    I have searched the forum and I got the verified hash for the first taxi movie but I can't find hashes for the two sequels ( I didn't even know there was a third one until I looked for taxi 2 today).

    I have found lots of sources for both movies on kazaa but I am not sure whether they are fake or legitimate so if someone has the hashes or just the correct file sizes then I would really appreciate it

    Also, it would be a big help if the movies had english subtitles as my french sucks! Je suis stupide, Oui oui, merci!

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    Taxi 2 - 583,004 kb
    Taxi 3 - 718,798 kb

    check this page for subs:

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    Thanks for the help mate. I appreciate it :-)


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