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Thread: What does everyone use for US tv shows?

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    What Torrent website do people use for the lastest US tv shows

    i.e Prison Break episode 7 etc

    I'm new to this torrent stuff and really getting into it now. My main site i use is TorrentReactor but have heard private sites are the way to go. I got myself into Acid lounge but there is not a great deal there maybe because it's revamping itself.

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    Jun 2006
    bitmeTV of course. Maybe ScT for Prison Break because the pre's are pretty fast. It finishes airing at 9:00 (east coast) and I can download the hires ar 10:30 or so and be watching happily at 10:45.
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    eztv , mininova ............

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    bitsoup has a lot of us tv shows in hdtv

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    bitmetv if you can get an invite. if you can't.


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