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Thread: Anyone have a spare TL invite that they forward to me?

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    I know i registered ages ago but i've had issues with my broadband and just got a new PC so want to start torrent again.

    I got an average 8Kbps d/l and have been using a recomendation of Torrent Reator in the last few days and totally forgot about this site.

    So have registered with AL yesterday and trying to get my uploads to 1:1.

    But really would like a TL if anyone has one as i think this would be a good starting block for any begineer.

    Any help would really be appricated.

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    berserk1980's Avatar BERSERK BT Rep: +4
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    Jan 2006
    there are really lots of good trackers that you dun need a invite.

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    Woow having 8Kb/s dl i dont think that it will be possible to even maintain a ratio over 0.5 never mind 1:1.
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    any suggestions?

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    Sorry 8Mbps lol

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    My average D/l speed is 300-400 and upload is 50-100 for some reason


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