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Thread: Going to Vegas? read this....

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    A guy goes to Vegas and gambles his first day away. He does really good! So, he decides to hire a hooker. He stops at a street corner and picks up the first hooker he finds, and takes the hooker back to his hotel room. He gets up there, and says, "I want a bj."
    The hooker looks at him and says, "That'll be $350."
    The guy is floored. "$350! Why so expensive?!"
    The hooker says, "Look out the window into the parking lot. You see that BMW? I paid cash for that because I give the best BJ's in town!"
    So the guy pays, and he is not disappointed. The next day he gambles again, and makes even more money. He is so excited that he spends the rest of the afternoon looking for the same hooker.
    After locating the hooker, he goes back to the hotel room. "Tonight I want to go behind," he informs the hooker. The hooker says, "That'll be $800."
    The guy is floored again. "$800! Why so expensive?!"
    The hooker says, "Look out the window. You see that high rise penthouse? I paid cash for that because I have the best ass in town."
    So the guy pays and he is not disappointed. The next day he does really well again at gambling. So he gets the same hooker back in his hotel room. "Tonight, I want straight up pussy."
    The hooker says, "Look out that window. Do you see that mini-mall?"
    The guy says, "Oh, let me guess. You own that too?"
    The hooker says, "Nope. But I would if I had a pussy."

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    omg lol

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