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Thread: Sct

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    Hi, i want a invite to SCT, i offer TL invites, thanks...

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    Nobody will trade you a rare ScT for a TL... just telling you now. TL one can usually get for free with a proof of ratio (or 2)

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    i dont want trade, i only need a invite to sct, but i have tl invites to offer too...

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    Depends....if he can prove he is a valuable member of torrent communities he may get in.
    Temptations The Ultimate Flaw In Humans

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    btw@otaviorem : sct is really hard to get

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    This section needs to stay on topic without sarcasim and insults going back and forth. This goes for regulars and n00bs also. This section has been through this and it seems to start up on occasion. Keep it simple and on topic...


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