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Thread: Sound Driver

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    I need a to install a sound driver,but i dont know which to install,i formatted my pc,but now i cant get any sound,so which driver should i install

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    Which operating system ?

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    Winxp...i think i had sound max software previously installed but i dont have any back up to that software,and i searched everywhere but i cant get it

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    Depends on your computer / motherboard manufacturers

    See for an overview here

    If you have more questions feel free to ask
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    go onto your motherboard manufacture website. click on support area. they should have drivers there.

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    It sounds like you may be a noob , which is fine thats why were here . D/L this program , it will at least tell us the make of your mobo .

    Is it sound on board or a plug in card ?

    Sorry about the newb crack I like this program as its really does help in a case like this .
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    buy a cheap soundblaster soundcard and download their easy to find driver


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