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Thread: Never pay for File Sharing!

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    I really like this, and firmly believed in it while I was in NY where no boundaries on brandwidth and DECENT usenet access is a given.
    In Montreal however where I moved recently, I am tending to say: well it seems that after all I will have to pay to access usenet, you might have an unlimited download kind of sevice mostly DSL, unless you pay a ridiculous ammount for cable unlimited, but most if not all ISPs in here don't offer a decent newserver if at all.
    you might say why don't you use another method of file sharing, I would say gladly if you point to me how I can access thai movies like I used to do on:

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    Not sure about thai.. but there are sites that are tottaly dedicated to asian movies..

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    Thanks Seregaknorrr,
    but then again is it a free download? I would surely give it a try in case.


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