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Thread: I need an norbits account ( not invite )

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    I need a norbits account ( not invite ) and test questions for connection or downloading a torrent file should be answered for me (somebody can make an account for me without obstacle )

    I prefer a northman person to register...

    I have bitmetv, bitme, f**, learnbits invites

    I wait for your help...

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    northman? Maybe you mean nordic.
    The questions can be answered by a five year old- they are not multiple choice ones where you have to sift through the FAQ/Rules [like polishtracker or tvrecall], they are very easy to deduce by the option given.

    A while back they made all members take a REAL test in norweigan to sift out any fake members. It was tricky because you only got 3 attempts and had to get above 70%. I did not speak any norweigan, but with the help of a handy online translator, I got a 90%.

    But I guess whatever suits you best...

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    man, i had to pass the norwegian test
    it was a nightmare
    tons of hard work
    i am not giving my account for anything less than TB...


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