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Thread: 1st time poster -- down speeds

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    Question Mark

    Sadly with a question that's been asked a million times I'm sure.

    First let me tell you I've been reading a learning from these forums for quite awhile. I can't begin to tell you how much I've learned from you sharing your knowledge. You guys rock!

    Now for the redundant question. I just can't quite wrap my mind around this and when I think I have, I read something which puts me back home in my state of confusion.

    Download speed ..... I have a consistent 5 mb down cable connection. (road runner)

    With grabit I get a consistent 600 kb down speed. I'm also behind a Linksys BEFSR41 router.

    Is this the down speed I should be getting on a 5 mb connection??

    Also .... Can my router affect my download speed? (seems I read somewhere it could)

    Thanks for helping me understand this once and for all

    One more question ... If I have (8) connections going in grab it. And it shows my speed at 600 kb .... that speed would be combined speed of all (8) connections correct?

    Thanks again

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    If your getting 600 KB/s then thats about right for a 5 mbit connection.

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    Your fine...

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    Thanks much ..... don't know why I couldn't get that straight in my head

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    5Mb = 5x1024Kbytes
    5Mb = 5120KBytes

    1Byte = 8Bits

    Therefore: 5120/8=640KBytes

    So theoretically, 640KB/s is the maximum you could achieve on your connection.


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