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Thread: Problem with too many peers and DSL connection

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    Whenever I'm downloading a torrent file with too many peers, there are also a lot of download slots open (with means that I get like 1,0 kb/s from each peer), my DSL connection "chokes". Which means I can't browse the net even if I limit my downloadspeed from utorrent to half of my connection when this happens. Ok, so I can limit the maximum peers to connect, but this will affect to my uploads. With Azureus I can kick peers out, but I can't do that with utorrent.
    So, is this mainly a problem with DSL general or my modem or something? Any ways to fix this "choking"? Why can't I decide how many download slots I want to have open per torrent?

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    Are you using XP SP2? If so then you may need to increase your number of half open connections. Default is 10 and torrents can easily surpass that. here is one site with a description. I don't think this is a DSL specific issue. Does it work fine with other services?

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    Thanks for that! I downloaded the TCI/IP fix for XP SP2 and everything is working now perfectly!


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