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Thread: Does this look right?

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    Seen this on a torrent site i use (shall remain nameless)

    The person has only d/l 1mb but uploaded so much.

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    probably he got this release on another tracker and after that joined as a seeder here.
    the 1 mb is because of hach incompatibility

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    this is very normal.

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    depends on how long he was connected

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    Ok how does one do this then?

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    two posibilities
    1- leech it from other tracker then upload in this tracker
    2- cheating

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    You download the file from one site. Once its fully downloaded you go to another site, download their torrent and it will start seeding there. Simple.

    I do this quite a lot. Once I've seeded 1:1 on the site I got it from I might then seed it on another site where my ratio needs a boost.

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    I do this quite alot usually grab a torrent off one tracker as soon as it's released seed it a while to a couple of hundered percent, then when its realeased on another tracker swap the torrent excelent way of bosting your ratio if one tracker that is really easy to upload get some torrent before another tracker that is not really easy to get upload on.
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    Ah thanks guys. Ok tried this but the file stopped at 99% there was a waiting time. Is this the problem?

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    did you see him for a long period of time on the torrent? If so then yea got the files from another tracker and jumped on to help seed. Most sites mess with their files so thats why he downloaded something. One question was he one of the first seeders cause if not, I doubt he can upload that much to one leecher

    But if you seen him connected for a short period of time or in bursts. Then he can be cheating by doing a no report of download stats. All depends on the time he was connected
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