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    when i start up i get Error loading powrprof.dll - One of the library files needed to run the application
    >cannot be found. A required .DLL file, WINSPOOL.DRV was not found.

    I have tried to get it off my windows startup disk and it wont open the sfc.exe .

    does anyone know where i can get these files online. I have done google search and all the missing file sites have every file but these 2.

    And it also says Load library()failed when i try to open k-lite.

    Your help would be greatly appreciated. THNX

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    Thnx for link but i have already read that page 3 times over with no success What i need to to find a way to get them files like i said in above i have tried to get them off my windows ME disk but it wouldnt load said file source may be invalid. I have tried a few sites where you can get .dll files and that have every one but these 2 powrprof.dll and winspool.drv . Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thnx

    My problem started when i dl nortons anti virus 2003 pro and installed it. I was prompted to restart and when i did windows wouldnt even start. I messed around in dos a little bit and got my windows to start again but thats about it. Nothing seems to work cant get to control panel,internet explorer ,k-lite wont open aol nothing. I dont know if it was nortons that done this or if it was something else.

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    powrprof.dll is part of your system's power management. You could try going into Contol Panel - Display, and select the Screen Saver tab. Click on the Settings button near the bottom and select 'Never' in all the text boxes.

    Another, possibly easier solution is to Run msconfig, go to the Startup tab and uncheck the box next to any line that contains 'powrprof.dll'.

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    just wanted to say thnx again. I had to uninstall windows now everthing works. The only thing im getting now is Ocraware has caused an error. but as long as it dosent slow me down i should be ok.



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