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Thread: Tell me there is something wrong with this?!

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    Ok so I recently got a job at Wal-mart right. Well all was well for 3 weeks I was actually enjoying my job. I work at the Electronic Section because I love electronics. Anyways 3 weeks in the Store Manager calls me in and tells me that there are too many people in that section and needs to move me to Cart Pushing. That means a whole demotion on my pay and 3 times harder work outside in the HEAT. So I told them no and well they still wouldn't let me stay in the Electronics section so basically I quit without telling them. According to all my Co-Workers that was not right because I was Hired for Electronics only and he shouldn't have been able to do that. Anyways when I spoke to the Store Manager he told me that his Assistant Manager was supposed to tell me that I wasn't really needed in the Electronic section in the first place and I was only on hold untill someone left. Nobody told me such a thing about that untill recently. My Co-Workers told me I should speak to home office about this and or get a Laywer I really don't think I'd need to go as far as a lawyer. So 'm just asking for opinions here. Yes I know Wal-Marts sucks or get a new job but that is not the issue here. Also I'd like to add when I first started working I had to ask them several times for a schedual. Every single one of them told me to tell someone else about it and everytime I did they'd say the same thing. Took me 2 weeks to actually put it on paper and it was only hand writtin on an F'n ripped in half piece of paper, it's really sad.
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    Well at least they didnt have you work the door since that would be telling you that your a bit loose on change...

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    Quote Originally Posted by imasoldier
    Tell me there is something wrong with this?!
    Well, for a start, the title is not a question so you shouldn't have used the curly wurly.

    In addition, your whole post is a word brick of epic proportion that no-one with an ounce of respect for their retinae will read.
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    What he said was that he got hired at Walmart in the electronics department. Then his manager told him that they had to many people in the electronics department, so they were moving him to being a cart boy, which is apparently worse work for less money. Finally he found out that there really wasn't a position open when they hired him, but they hired him to keep him around in case something opened up. his coworkers are telling him that walmart is at blame. Now he wants to know if they are right.
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    Bad deal. They don't care anyway, how many employees do they have?.....

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    Im guessing you where hired by walmart not the electornic department of one store of walmart. If they fancy moving you about they only have to give prior notice as set out in your contract (mine was 2 weeks at a uk supermarket) and they can then move you on.


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