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Thread: Http 503

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    Apr 2006
    hi everybody,
    someone knows how to solve HTTP 503 error????
    if somebody knows plz help me..


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    May 2006
    what`s the site, what`s the link ?

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    <--LwA-->'s Avatar The BiTKiNg BT Rep: +1
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    Apr 2006
    its every site i use..... if its tl or oink doesnt matter.......

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    HTTP 503 is the standard HTTP error that means "Service Unavailable."

    * It can mean that a required program has not yet been started on the server or has crashed
    * HTTP 503 might indicate other types of network or server errors.
    * You often see HTTP 503 when a website has exceeded its monthly bandwidth allowance.
    * A Connection to a database has failed or is misconfigured
    * The server may be forbidden from giving you the requested document

    more info:

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