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Thread: PC Reboot after Loading Screen

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    recently when starting my pc at Windows loading screen and sometimes before it my pc gets rebooting it self for few times and then it loads, am sure its not a Cpu fan problem, cuz once windows is started it wont reboot, it may be a software problem so if somebody can tell me how to enable BSoD(blue Screen Of Death) i can check waht error windows gives, i belive its disbaled by defualt, isnt?

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    As far as i know the blue screen should appear mainly if there is a hardware problem i.e cpu, memory, hdd. You could maybe try a shell over, to do so put your windows cd in and boot from cd, when asked to install xp press enter to install then when you get to the checking to see if there is an os screen press r for repair and see if that helps

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    so if somebody can tell me how to enable BSoD(blue Screen Of Death
    control panel -> system properties -> advanced -> startup & recovery -> uncheck automatically restart.


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