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Thread: Norton Internet Security

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    I have an adapter for my computer that connects me to my network &
    broadband internet.

    I used NIS's Workgroup Networking and it automatically detected the adapter.

    My question is, did it detect and "trust" only the computers in my network?
    and therefore is just like a regular firewall that will allow me to access printers
    and other comps on network?

    any help would be appreciated

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    Norton Firewall should normally ask you allowance before allowing other computers or web sites or programs to leave or acces your computer.
    According to me it did not yet as you have not been asked - if you cant axess the other computers its because Norton is blocking it - so then you need to unblock it in settings

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    i dont noe which vers. u r talking bout but i have NIS 2003 pro
    and it includes a workgroup networking wizard. Apparently this is
    not in your version

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    Im using someone elses machine right now and cant check my own for reference even though it is NIS2003pro
    If you dont get a solution tonight then try:}


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