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Thread: Doesn't anyone seed to a 1.0 ration?

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    Hi there.

    I got so annoyed, I registered to discuss this one topic.

    I recently got a fast connection, supposedly 30/10Mbps. Anyway, seems more like 30/30 in reality.

    To get to the point, I've been seeding stuff like mad, around 3MB/s day and night, to try to build up the number of completes for the different torrents. (In a month I've uploaded close to 5 TB... These are crazy numbers to me...)

    If I have uploaded something with a ratio of 50:1, shouldn't there be at least 50 seeders? For instance, there is a documentary called "The truth and lies of 9/11" which I've uploaded with a ratio of 66:1. Both Azureus and the tracker (TPB) tell me that there now are two other seeders...

    Does that mean that no one who downloaded it knows about ratios, or do people just ignore their responsibility to seed?

    Another example is an episode of Top Gear, which I've seeded roughly 400:1 - it has 70 seeds...
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    What tracker are you using? If it is a public one, yes, people just download and do not bother to seed back their downloaded files. Since you have such a fast connection and are willing to seed so much, you might want to consider joining a private tracker. There, there will also be many users who care about seeding.

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    no one bothers seeding on public trackers whereas on private ones you get banned if you dont keep a decent ratio, hang around for a month and then take a look in the bittorrent invites section

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    If you feel like being a saint then join one of the many new up and coming private torrent sites. They are popping up all over the place and are easy to find. They are in need of good uploaders with good upload speeds. If you want to be part of a power house than I would suggest TL, but you'll need access to scene release material for that.

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    Well, yeah, they were public trackers. Mininova, TPB, etc. I knew that some people didn't seed properly, I just didn't think the problem was this big...

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    Guess what it is. Nobody ever seeds properly on public sites. Most users will even set their clients to send 3k outgoing. Theres nothing to check to see who seeds what amount so people just go on leech free for alls. The private sites should be more what your looking for. Cause they just ban the people who grab and run eventually.

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    With 30/30 Mbps you should use a private site...

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    Yep - with your connection most private trackers would love to have you.

    Forget the public trackers.

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    You need private trackers thats for sure... People just leech on public trackers. I do it to, because I have poor 256 kbit/s upload, but still on private trackers I do my best even with that connection and I'm trying to keep >1 ratio. I succsesfully do it. Ehhh would be great to have at least 1mbit/s upload, but its impossible for me...

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    The "anonymity" of stats on public trackers allows people to ignore the basic premise of sharing.

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