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Thread: FFXII help

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    i'm 19 hrs in, and i just went to the Viera village thing (kinda reminds me of Return of the Jedi ), and now i have to find Mjrn. i pwned the enkelados mark in The Shred in Ozmone Plains, and I need to jump across this chasm thing to go south to find Mjrn. How do i jump across this chasm? I'm pretty sure I can because there's a treasure jar on the other side. Looking @ the map, it's just like an isolated island. I rented a chocobo cuz i remember in ffx chocobos can jump from place to place. and it doesn't work.


    btw, game is fucking amazing! i would usually have gotten frustrated by 19 hrs , but nope. this is the 1st thing that really got me stuck.

    and yes, the rumours are true. the story is unbelievable similar to Star Wars.

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