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Thread: Can someone post the PERFECT settings for Utorrent please?

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    Like from General. Downloads, Connection, Advanced etc

    My connection - Now not sure if my upload is correct? looks a little low.

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    theres a speed guide u can use in utorrent its under options i go by that

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    mine. and works perfectly

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    Rather use
    to measure your actual speeds.

    Your max upload speed shall be 80% of your actual u/l as measured (in kBps !!!, not in kbps) where nnnnn is your port#

    upload slots, max connected peers @ 999?
    max # connections below 200 for certain routers!!!
    In fact, you shall experiment a bit with those 3 settings for what suits YOU best...
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    having 999999999999 connections is a bad idea
    each connection uses bandwidth

    judging by the stats u posted, use something like...

    i actually used a calculator, and did proper kb to kB conversions to get this right. theres a short how-to/graph on the utorrent forums, and this kinda matches it.


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