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Thread: Dry Kill Logic - Of Vengeance and Violence [2006]

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    just got this album and it's pretty good, but not equivalent to the prior albums. 1st album is still by far the best! good thing is this one only has 2 mellow songs and that is great. i can handle this when the majority of the album is hard. has got all i was needing from this new "nu metal" album. not much else to say about this album, but fans of the previous two should check this one out. imo, this is what korn should had been and not what they are today. good stuff!

    01. L5(Progogue)
    02. My Dying Heart
    03. 4039
    04. Caught In The Storm
    05. From Victim To Killer
    06. The Innocence Of Genius
    07. Boneyard
    08. Kingdom Of The Blind
    09. Dead Mans Eyes
    10. Confidence Vs Consequence
    11. Breaking The Broken
    12. Lying Through Your Teeth
    13. In Memoria Di

    retailed september 19th
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