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Thread: Using Down Them All Firefox extension

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    Hi Guys

    I have just installed the Firefox add-on called DownThem All.

    This is a image grabber it looks great.

    I want to download some jpeg files from a web gallery, but I am having difficulty getting it to work.

    I can get it to download the thumbnails but not the jpegs themselves.

    It seems they are stored somewhere else on the web site which seems to be huge

    Does anyone have any ideas ?

    I could give more details. It is a celebrity site.



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    For example
    make a new folder on desktop


    rightclik - downthemall
    Clik LINKS at top (because the images you want are "linked")

    then select folder on desktop to save files in
    and mark, images and videos etc
    clik start

    then go to the next page and simply rightclik -dTaOneclik and it will do the same automatically.

    If you want the images,which are actually on the page eg. then you must select, Pictures and Embedded at top of dwntall.

    You can also simply put a dTaOneClick in your menu to make it faster.

    some sites are problematic since the loop it, inorder to prevent easy multiple downloads from thumb pages, in that case you have to open each photo at dtaoneclik (same as save image as) only faster.

    Dta will only grab stuff up to one level down.
    htttack or whatever it is called can grab endlessly.... but it is complicated to get it right.

    if you want to download addition thibgs, filters - you simply add - *.swf, *.htm, *.exe, *.tor etc to filters section
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    Thanks 100%

    That was great info.

    The site I was trying to d/l from was it had some great centrefold galleries, but in the last 2 days it seems to have been taken over by some stupid portal. So I cannot try out your suggestions.

    But I have tried it on FamousBabes and Angelina Jolie can't be bad !

    Thanks very much



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    Hi 100%

    I am still having trouble with this

    I got it to work on the site you mentioned for Aneglina.

    But I cannot get it to work for other sites.

    Could you try this site for me.

    Then scroll down the left and look for Karin Taylor and see if you can download some of the 55 jpegs using DTA. (or any other girls)

    What I need to know is if this site is one of these problematic looped sites you mention, where one has to do them one by one !




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    Dta only works if the link to the larger picture or file is direct
    eg. hyyp/ babe.jpg
    not when the pik is embadded in a page, such as sendel . com does.
    either youll have to find another program which does do it - (which will be difficult) or you have to manually save everypik...

    but you could use dta on karin taylor on these sites, the web is filled with other options for piks like that...
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    Thanks 100% again 100% !

    Thanks for the info on how DTA works, what I need to be able to do now is work out for myself how each site handles their pics ? eg links or embedded or looped etc - wow there is a lot to learn !

    Those 2 sites you gave me were great thanks

    Do you know anything about the AZASAP series of index/contact sheets of Playmates jpegs ? I have quite a few of them, but they are very hard to get.



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    Interesting extension. Firefox has something built in called Build Gallery, but i never got it to work succesfully. gonna try that extension

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    that is right


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