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Thread: Where's my downloads gone??

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    Hi just a quick query I've downloaded some mp3's through newsleecher, but when i go to the dl folder selected in options, there seems to be no files there! absolutely nothing! Am i doing summat wrong? did it thru a nzb file i got off here, and newsleecher says all the files have been downloaded but i can't find them.

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    What server are you on since if the files were not available on your server there will be nothing. If your on your internet companies usenet server most have low retention with five days at best. If the article is beyond the retention of your server you cant get it. Premium servers are generally the best way to go having retention for at least a month and up. The best deal for the money is NewsHosting which if you choose to signup with you can support the site with our refferal link at...

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    I see well i was using some free servers that I found, that probably explains it, im new to this so i am just doing some research on what its about and that. But I will explore the premium servers more...thanks.


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