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Thread: Best ISP for UK???

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    This may have been covered and if it has, can someone direct me there but as the 'offers' are always changing, just thought i would ask. I am finally free of tiscali as i have fulfilled my 12 month contract.

    I have looked at a few but i am not sure. Preferably, i want cheap, as you do, unlimited download, of course i'll allow for fair usuage policies. At the moment, the connection is 2.3 mb/s <~~~may be a bit wrong with mb/s bit! I would like something a bit faster and avoid AOL if possible. Budget is about 20 a month. I know i am being picky but i don't want any TV or phone package included etc cos i have a good deal for my phone (free uk national and local calls 24/7!) and i have freeview!

    So any ideas would be welcomed.

    Thanks 3Lions

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    demon seem to be very good,

    also stay away from BT they're cunts.

    might be worth checking out bethere, 24 so an extra 4 but fucking worth it for the connection they offer.

    check out ntl/blueyounder if ur able to get cable.

    rest r shit tbh, thats if ur into downloading around 80gb amonth or so.

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    just signed up for contract so if you don't get on with it you can go else where

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    Yeah i would advise ya to go cable because there are no fluctuations in speeds and speeds are always constant and as far as i know they do not shape your bandwith (throttle it) unless they really need to. Avoid BT but apparently one of my friends has AOL and has had no probs and is not affected by any fair usages and he has had good connections.
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    If you need to keep your phone package you will almost certainly not be able to take advantage of any LLU deals (such as the BE deal shown by mikeco) even if you are in one of the few areas they've actually covered.

    Also, watch out for clauses such as this one in Demon's Fair Usage Policy:
    THUS will continually measure the performance of our broadband network and take steps to restrict the download speeds of very heavy users during peak periods, should their activities significantly contribute towards the risk of reduced speeds being experienced by the majority of our broadband customers. The peak period is 9am to 10pm.
    My emphasis, but note that you don't actually need to cause any reduced speed, just pose a risk that you might and they will limit your bandwidth.

    Other than that, this is a pretty good, unbiased guide to what's available
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    I've been with NTL for about 3 years now, the help service is absolute shit but everything else is great. I was on the 1mb service for 17.99 but for about the last 3 weeks i've been downloading at about 260kb/s (3mb speed). They have never limited or capped me and the box was free (most companies charge nearly 100 for the box or installation).

    Just don't expect any help from them if something goes wrong your end.

    Up to 2Mb Broadband 2048/200 15.31pm
    Up to 4Mb Broadband 4096/400 21.27pm
    Up to 10Mb Broadband 10240/512 29.78pm

    First number is download (2048=2mb and so on) second number is upload. Free installation on all packages, it's cable though.
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    for something faster bethere is probably ur best bet.. for u guys that want something cheap have a go with ukonline, i have no complaints, service is good and cheap... 1 mg no limits 9.99, they have never let me down, not yet anyways 1 mg is way more than enough for me, hopefully they cover ur area though..
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    avoid virgin, it is truely terrible.
    50 to cancel too

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    NTL definately seems to be a hit-and-miss ISP. Fortunately for me I had an exceptional service from them, only having to deal with the numpties in technical support once, following a TV subscription. I always had good latency and bandwidth and suffered only a few hours outage over 4 years! However, you only have to stumble across NTLHell to realise everyone isn't so lucky.

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    I use uk-online too, been with them about 9 months now. I have had no problems with them.

    Up to 1mg 9.99
    Up to 2mg 14.99
    Up to 8mg 24.99
    Up to 22mg 29.99

    But saying that i have heard really good things about pipex.


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