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Thread: Problems with seeding torrents

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    ok im on one particular torrent site and ive downloaded a file very quickly which was about 21 megs and ive only uploaded 288kb and it stopped at im one a few other torrent sites and my download/upload rates are really good and i have no complaints, it seems to be just this one site, i cant upload what ive downloaded,

    -why is this? could it be the files are over seeded...
    -what changes do i need to make to my utorrent settings in order to get a good upload rate on this site...

    ive noticed that at the bottom i have a yellow triangle and it says no incoming connections, i may have a problem with my connection, but my internet is working? the DHT says 43 nodes.

    i did a speed test as well.

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    Your in the wrong forum for this... try the bittorrent forum.

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    Your line has a firewall of some sort blocking incoming connections. For best results open the wall on the port your using and more people will be able to connect to you.

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    try to open ports od block the firewall....


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