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Thread: Bittorrent X-2 Burn To Dvd-r?

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    I have yet to be able to burn anything but data onto a dvd...I read all about converting and all that..I have a dvd player that plays dvd-rw and cd-rw disk..I use nero to burn with and I would rather not have two cd-r's for one movie this is why i want it on a dvd..can it be done?

    CD-1 and cd-2 are the files for X2..

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    hmmm not with out extracting the mpegs from the .bin files wiht vcdgear then renencoding the files to dvd format yuo might wanna do a searcf for svcd2dvd its new and maeant to be really fast it be be worth the hassl but persoanll burning it to two cdrs is just as good


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