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Thread: Problem with seeding/uploading

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    ok im on one particular torrent site and ive downloaded a file very quickly which was about 21 megs and ive only uploaded 288kb and it stopped at im one a few other torrent sites and my download/upload rates are really good and i have no complaints, it seems to be just this one site, i cant upload what ive downloaded. this one site has alot of seeders and very little leechers. the other sites have more leechers and less seeders, is this why i get a better download/upload rate?

    -why is this? could it be the files are over seeded...
    -what changes do i need to make to my utorrent settings in order to get a good upload rate on this site...

    ive noticed that at the bottom i have a yellow triangle and it says "no incoming connections, you may have a problem with you connection", but my internet is working? and on the site it says "You are not connectable! Please fix this!"

    i did a speed test as well.

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    my advice to you based on my experience is to try another BitTorrent client for that particular site and enable the transport Encryprion...some websites might show difficulty interacting with opend port through your client.

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    which client would u reccomend, im already using utorrent.

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    Yes i had a similar problem. Make sure you check your encryption settings like Kayvanblue said. That fixed my problem.

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    I think its more the "Theres too many seeders" issue really.

    There has to be leechers in order for you to seed back to. If theres even 50 seeders and only 3 leeches. Then common sence not everyone is gonna max their outgoing connections.


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