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Thread: Gb Hungry!!!?

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    What is your total amount of GB memory used on CPU for downloads.

    Just want to see the replies on how much memory you are using on your Hard drive. Only if you keep all your downloaded files on Hard drives.
    well I start of

    I have a 300GB HD / using 160GB full of downloaded stuff. trying to fill it up!
    another one with 200GB HD / using 20GB full of downloads

    Just want to know if anyone has or is trying to fill up more then 1000gb full of stored media files. that would be awesome or probably has been done.

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    14TB worth and rising. I ussually add 300gigs or so every 2 weeks.

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    close to 5TB

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    Acidice's Avatar sunshine live = love BT Rep: +8BT Rep +8
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    how do you guys have time to watch/listen/play all that media!?

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    ... And God said to Human : Hey ! Invent a DVD-Writer

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    More than just having the time to watch... How do you store 5TB of data. Several HDs I guess...
    Although I have been on a bit of a spree in the past month... over 250GB downloaded. I usually brun right to DVDs though

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    Acidice's Avatar sunshine live = love BT Rep: +8BT Rep +8
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    yeah, that must take up numerous HDs..I'm guessing at least 10?

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    You are truley my hereos!!!! i find it real addictive trying to find everything you want on the internet as far as media files is concerned. even having over 1TB is crazy 15TB thats fricking amazing!!! awesome.

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    Have 3 NAS servers @ 1.6TB each (4x400) although the 750gb HD's from seagate are a more affordable option which im lookin into. Store a bit on DVD's but prefer to have quick access to all files .... it will still be quite a while till i reach 14TB - thats impressive!

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    How the hell do you download 300 gb every two weeks. That's a lot of media, like 70 or so DVDs. That is impressive.

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