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Thread: Detecting video bitrate for .vob files

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    Hi guys,

    I have a very practicle question. Suppose you have a vob file (of a dvd). You know nothing about the video bitrate. Is ther a program that would take the .vob file and tell me what is the video bitrate.

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    Use bitrate viewer for free:

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    Quote Originally Posted by limesqueezer View Post
    Use bitrate viewer for free:

    I tried it. It works OK. But I am finding out that if you examine a vob or a *sample* for a dvd -- it gives the avg bitrate, but that kind of off. Because when I reload a whole dvd directory in Nero recode it goves me a avg bitrate for the whole movie. So i guess determining the bitrate of a vob sample does not tell you much about the dvd quality


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