Ok not sure if anyone else likes the stuff he does, personally I love it. I've looked all over most of the places for links and seen very little of his stuff. However way back last year both seasons of bushcraft, world of survival and extreme survival both seasons weres hown on tv in a short time space.

Lucky for me I ripped them all straight to hard drive, however I've had them on standard share through emule for a while but they just dont seem to get much, and my connection just doesnt allow enought to get out. (theres some 12 gig total size with an adverage 600mb for an hour and 300-400 for the half hour)

So what i'm asking is does anyone know a place I can go to offer these direct to one or two people that would then be able to get them out properly on a network? Just seems the right thing to do, yeah I may ensure I always have ratios above 2.0 but then thats not really contributing.

Not sure on the legallity of this posting on this board ut hey, nothing to lose so any ides anyone?