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Thread: Miser's Revenge?, when it's all over

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    a young woman was married to a miser, and so after a time he dies. she goes to the funeral home and collects his ashes.
    she gets to the car and says "u see this car, this is the car i kept asking for and u said that we culdn't get it!"
    she gets to the house and says "u see this mansion, this is the big house i wanted and u said we culdn't have it!"
    she goes in the house and says "u see that ultra sleek hi-fi, that is is that hi-fi i wanted for my birthday and u said we culdn't have it!"
    she goes to the wardrobe and says "u see that fur coat, and the designer clothes, that is all the things i deserved, and u said we culdnt have it!"
    she goes out on to the balcony and after taking a big breathe, she says "and this is the blow job u always wanted!"

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    good one


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