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Thread: Why does Grabit only download 3 files at once ?

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    can some one help, im trying to download more than 3 files at once, is this possible ?

    please tell me how, thanks

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    It all has to do with your news server. Every server has a max downloads. Yours must be 3.

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    Or it could be that he has not changed his settings????
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    Yeah it's probably because he hasn't changed the settings. Grabit by default allows only 3 connections at install.

    First go to your usenet provider's website and find out how many connections they allow. Then right click on your server in GrabIt and select "Server Properties". Then move the slide bar at the bottom to your "Maximum allowed connections". You may also do this temporarily for this session alone, simply by checking the checkboxs on the thread #'s at the bottom.
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