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Thread: Melted motherboard

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    >Problem Solved

    This is for a friend of mine, he called me.
    He recently melted his motherboard and ramcard (put it in the wrong way round?)
    it smoked etc, unusable.
    He bought new versions and installed, now he can only enter the bios
    There is no access to the harddrive (windows etc).

    I have no clue what make or version he bought, he built it out of different elements.
    What should he do?


    (yes very vague information)
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    Be more specific: Did both the mobo and ramcard melt?

    New versions and only entering bio?

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    A friend went over inserted his harddisk into another machine extracted all the stuff, and is solving the issue presently.
    He sounded desperate at the time, the problem is being solved offline.

    Continue with your lives



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