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Thread: Diablo 2 Key Problems

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    Ok, here's the deal.. I downloaded Diablo 2 installer no problem, got er started and it asked me for the key. Bummer. So I download a keygen, problem is, I have entered about a dozen different keys and not one of them works. Is there a generic key that works with all of them or do I hafta sit n jack around with this stupid keygen till I find one that works?
    Any advice other than telling me ti screw myself etc. would be appreciated

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    i know this is illegal but hey who cares
    heres my cd key i dont play it anymore so u can have it
    hope that sorts it out cos it is a cracking game

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    Bummer and blast it, it says you have entered a key from a different product. Crap, anyone else got any siggestions?


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