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Thread: Aaaaggghhhhhhh More Xp Install Probs

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    ah well, i went to load XP again! ( been about 5 times now&#33 tried the one from verifides this time and guess what - yep thats right it doesnt work! i got thru to the setup stage and i got an error message:

    sxs.dll is corrupt at line 4 etc etc

    A fatal error has occured in c:\$win-nt$.~ls\I386|ams

    every single time i have tried to install xp ( pro and corporate) i have had messages like this - i cant be the only person this is happening to???????

    so whats my next step now??????? would anyone be willing to send me a 100% working copy if i covered the postage and supplied a cd??????

    thanks in advance.


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    m8 they might b curruptin' through the extraction process..
    if any of them r compreesed files when u extract the file ,instead of extractin in one go, open the like with something like winrar and extract a few at a time or the files ur havin problems with

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