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Thread: Good Tutorial on making a Rescue Disk (CD) ?

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    Hi Guys

    Can anyone point me to a good tutorial for making manually a Rescue Disk for XP

    I want to make a bootable CD (I know how to do that), but I need to know what files to put on it and where to get them from !

    Kind Regards


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    I'd search for one already made like EDR commander with Winternals or Powermix cd . The Powermix one I have has over 50 tools from virus , spyware remover tools to partition programs .

    Here's the one I have :

    @digmen , after reading other posts about about rescue disks, hardware world included made me think about making my own. Found a little bit of info here on a Bart pe boot disk :

    Also as I like Barts PE I found some plugins here :
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