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Thread: Any Spare TL invites?

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    My ratios are in my sig, hopefully they are good enough.

    My Ratios :

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    well i have some TL invites , but what have you got to trade ?...its ok i dont need anything just do know that there is the wait period for new users at TL ?
    From the time that each new torrent is uploaded to the tracker, there is a period of time that some users must wait before they can download it.
    This delay in downloading will only affect users with a low ratio, and users with low upload amounts.

    Ratio below 0.50 and/or upload below 4.0GB delay of 48h
    Ratio below 0.6 and/or upload below 5GB delay of 32h
    Ratio below 0.70 and/or upload below 6.0GB delay of 16h
    Ratio below 0.8 and/or upload below 7GB delay of 8h

    "And/or" means any or both. Your delay will be the largest one for which you meet at least one condition.

    This applies to new users as well, so opening a new account will not help. Note also that this works at tracker level, you will be able to grab the .torrent file itself at any time.

    so if you still want one pm me your details, email..:-)

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    Dedalus^'s Avatar The Truth is Out BT Rep: +3
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    pm me your email.

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    Hey bro, I have a demoniod invite if u are willing to trade? Sorry it's all I have, please send one I've been waiting for ages

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    Got the invite mates thanks for the help.

    Site looks class
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    My Ratios :

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    Still anyone need TL?

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    Still a few left...
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    tl is a good site, good luck getting in.
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