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Thread: Yeah!, I now have 1mb Internet.

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    Yes, after all this time, finaly things are geting better.
    I know 1mb is nothing for most of you in the rest of the world,
    but as I mentioned some time ago, here in mexico we are far behind when it comes
    to internet service.
    We only have two main providers, one via the Phone company, and the other via Cable company,
    and the top consumer speeds were 512kbps at $360 pesos ($35 US Dlls /month),
    and of course there are higher speeds up to 4Mb or whatever, but the prices are
    far out of the avarage users range.
    Well, all this lasted for a very, very long time, untill a couple of weeks ago.

    It turns out that, for whatever reason, the Phone company decided to do a major upgrade to theyre internet service,
    so instead of geting 512 now you get 1024kbps,
    and for the same price you where paying.
    So I, having internet with the Cable company, felt stuck, I wanted out...
    I imediatly called the guys at Prodigy (thats the internet service from the phone company),
    but the bastards keept me in the line for more than 15 minutes without any answer, Im not liying.
    So that's all it took to decide that it would be wise to wait, to give it time and see how all this turned out.
    In the mean time, the days that followed, a few people I know actually did the switch, and so far they havent complained...
    still, I have the feeling they aren't telling me everything.

    But then !
    since a couple of days ago, I started noticing that my internet surfing,
    and every single download was taking too freaking long, I even thougt there was something wrong
    with my system configuration.
    So today I found out the reason for this was that the Cable company (my current ISP),
    was also making the upgrade !
    and Im now downloading at crazy speeds !!, well, at least more than double
    what I used to.

    So now my Internet conection is 1300kbps at $35 US Dlls.

    That's even a little higher than the other provider.
    So now Im so happy I was loyal to my Cable provider .
    I mean, the service has been great for more than a year now, not a single downtime in all this time, no need for tech suppor,
    and now, they reapay us with this.

    So I just felt like telling you about it guys.
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    Haha, congrats!
    What's your upstream speed?

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    congratulations !

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    u da man

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    Congrats! Enjoy your new connection

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    Acid_death69's Avatar confuddled?!
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    you lucky thing i wish i hjad that speed i only have 256Kbs

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    Oh, so sticky.
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    Congratulations! You're now officially member of the "1Mbit-club".

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    congrats dude! it's cool news from mexico.
    turkey have a same problems.

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    Cool. Think I'm stuck at 512kbps, but I called and complained to my ISP and they bumped me up for free.
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    Nice one, worldpease.

    ISPs seem to be finally realising that it isn't the end-user speed that costs money, it's the amount of data.

    And if they get you on to a plan where you pay for the data rather than the speed then the faster your speed the more you are likely to download and the more money they make.

    In fact, low end-user speeds actually cost them money. They can't buffer enough data, so they have to ask for repeats on the upstream link. But the data has never reached the user so they can't charge for it.

    Quote Originally Posted by Acid_death69 View Post
    you lucky thing i wish i hjad that speed i only have 256Kbs
    Tiscali? ROFL

    I thought even they had stopped providing such a crappy service. Provided you've completed 12 months you should be able to get a free upgrade, or better still switch to a decent ISP. You'll probably have to be disconnected and reconnected to get out of the 256k trap though, so pick the new ISP carefully because you'll be stuck with them for 12 months again.
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