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Thread: question about bittorent private trackers software

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    this question isn't really do to with bittorent but the sites themselves

    i have been noticing that alot of these torrent sites (private) look very similar. although the theme and content of the site is different. it looks as though they are also using the same torrent tracker software.

    i was wondering just like you get forum software such as vbulletin and phpbb and Invision power board

    do you get bittorent software aswel? i

    f so i haven't heard of any before thats why i am asking. but this type of software seems to be popular on many such as revolutiontt and torrentdamage and there's many many more.

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    I think this excerpt from a private tracker is enough to satisfy your question.

    "This site uses a modified version of the BrokenStones source code, which is based off of the code made freely available under the GPL license."

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    oh ok. thanks


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