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Thread: Gigasize - 15x bigger limits than rapidshare

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    Web site is another large file email service that lets you upload and share files up to 1.5 GB for free.
    Of course we've seen services like this before, for example Dropload, Mailbigfile, and most notably YouSendit (however YouSendIt's service has become more of a pay service, allowing only 100 MB free uploads), but GigaSize is the best I've seen so far. If you register for a free account, you can send a file up to 1.5 GB and GigaSize will store it on their server for a minimum of 90 days (if you don't want to register for an account, you can upload 1 GB and are guaranteed at least 45 days).
    Right now it looks like GigaSize is your best large file sharing method (short of P2P), but if you know of something better, tell us all about it in the comments or at tips at"

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    How fast is it?
    Is it reliable?

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    I've been using YouSendit for awhile and it works ok. GigaSize sounds interesting. I like the 90 days on the server. Thanks for the heads up.

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    YSI is fast 2 years ago

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    Is there any way of uploading multiple files at once with this company? Do they offer remote transfers?

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    This is better
    no registration, 2048gbs, 84days, resumable dwnlds

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    Quote Originally Posted by 100% View Post
    This is better
    no registration, 2048gbs, 84days, resumable dwnlds
    Nice link thanks.

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    Wow thats really nice, but one question is it reliable?


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