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Thread: The Movie "hypercube"

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    I have seen Hypercube but I can't really get what the movie told us
    Why were the people trapped in the hypercube at the very beginning?
    It is likely that the woman at the end knows the secret and take away the girl's necklace
    Did the woman work for some institutes to test something?
    Who did the woman work for?
    And who are the man who killed the woman at the end ?
    Why did he said "this is the end of the 2nd stage"?
    Could anyone answer my question?

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    There is the movie all about WERE OF WHY that is the question of the movie. Nobody knows that.

    Stage 2 because movie 1 was 'stage 1'.
    so there will be a part 3 that will give us all the answers !

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    Try watching The Cube (part 1) too.

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    no being funny but cube 1 and 2 r both poo
    the answer 2 da question is ??? who know and who care's i wasted 3 hours of my life wathing those 2 films
    i througt that da 2nd one would of made more sence than da 1st one o was i so wrong


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