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Thread: How to set up uTorrent's WebUI

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    Ok, first thing's first. What is WebUI? It is a Web User Interface. Once you set it up, you will be able to control your uTorrent from a different computer through a web browser.

    Now on to the guide.

    Step 1: Download the files here.

    Once downloaded, extract the files to your desktop, or anywhere you'll remember them.

    Step 2: Open the folder you just extracted. In there, you will find "".

    Don't unzip it or change the name, leave it how it is. Now, go to Start > Run, and put "%AppData%/utorrent" (without the quotes), and then click Ok.

    The Application Data folder for uTorrent should've popped up. Copy the "" to there.

    Step 3: Exit any uTorrent instances. Now, open "utorrent-1.6.1-beta-build-483.exe" from the folder we extracted earlier.

    Step 4: After it's opened, press Ctrl+P, and go to Advaced > WebUI.

    Step 5: Place a tick in "Enable WebUI". Then, set up a username and password. If you want, you can set it to use a port other than the one uTorrent already uses, but I prefer to leave that alone. You can also restrict access to certain IP's.

    Step 6: Ok, now it's time to test it out and see if it worked. Make sure uTorrent 1.6.1 beta is still running, and type this in a web browser on a different computer in your local network (not the one that has uTorrent running on it.)
    you can also use:

    Where it says "YourPortHere", put the port that uTorrent uses.

    It should then ask for your username and password. Use the ones that you set up earlier. After that, it should show the WebUI, and you'll be able to manage your torrents (delete, add, stop, start, etc.)

    After that, you can test it out on a computer outside your network (school, work, a friends house, etc.)

    Here's some screenshots of the WebUI in action (courtesy of directrix from uTorrent's forums.)

    Well, that's about it. I hope you can get the WebUI up and running, and start managing uTorrent away from home!
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    thats amazing... when the next full update is realeased i'll definatly be downloading it... just gona wait till they iron out the glitches first.

    looks amazing though... didnt know you could add torrent's ect. defo be using this while im at college

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    Thanks for the time and effort. I'll have to try this out!

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    Tried it and it came up " The WebDUI beta does not support your web browser?

    Any help

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    Stop using ie6 and try firefox

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    This should be a sticky imho.

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    thanks Nickthestick91 good hit

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    Wow amazing stuff for utorrent. Wont need to carry portable hardrivers or usb keys to and from work with things I DL at work!

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    The localhost and 127. are for testing it on the computer that the utorrent is already running, as those addresses just come back to the computer you are operating. If you want to test it on another computer on a LAN, dont you type in the http://LAN.IP.Address/gui/index.html? (e.g.

    And also if you want to control it from outside the LAN, you need to forward the ports on the router that utorrent is using.
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    ok got it set up on home pc and when i try to access it from my laptop at work it asked for the password and i type it in then it goes to the page and just says loading???? i don't get it, can anyone help me that has gotten this to work???

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