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Thread: Find and download magazines/books/TVs

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    What's the best places/ways to find and download tons of magazines/books/TVs (any subject is fine)?

    I hope the website has the following:
    • it has an internal search
    • every magazine has screenshot and short description
    • it is organized and presented nicely

    Thank you.

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    On my way , i download all the thing i can then filter it by myself

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    Interesting kid, I'll be back because I'd like to know this as well....

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    Have a look on Mininova

    All spelling mistakes and grammatical errors in my post's are intentional.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blackstreet View Post
    On my way , i download all the thing i can then filter it by myself
    What do you mean by "on my way"?

    Show your way please. Thanks.

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    Perhaps there're no easy ways to get books/magainzes.
    They seem to spread everywhere.
    Need a hard time to find not-so-popular books/magainzes.

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    i discovered this site the other day, forget how but is great place to find magazines, try it out

    edit: and dont forget to check for off the wall tv stuff (alot of adult swim and mtv stuff), one of my favorite sites
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    always news...

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    my recommendation

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    some magazines are at wild-bytes.

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