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Thread: Sites for hosting/uploading/sharing files

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    Multi Upload Sites...

    "Multi-Mirror-Upload" & "Multi-Mirror-Remoteload"
    makes ~10 mirrors per file, inventor of this type service, ad-free!

    makes 3 mirrors, over 10 hosters selectable, nice interface, +remoteload

    makes 8 mirrors, remoteload, folders, new on the market (sep.2007)

    makes 3 mirrors, 6 hosters selectable, new on the market (aug.2007)

    4 mirrors, well established

    6 mirrors, hoster selectable, ex-""-people run this

    7 mirrors, sometimes broken, clumsy interface, +remoteload

    5 mirrors, +remoteload

    4 mirrors, hides final links from you +remoteload

    4 mirrors, forced registration

    4 mirrors, ugly popups, forced registration +remoteload


    Little list of upload/download sites
    up to 300MB
    Up to 4000MB with premium acc and up to 100MB with free acc. OR/AND
    Great RS Premium link mirror uploader...meaning if you don't have RS premium you can try to paste your links there
    Up to 5GB on free acc.(+ paid options available too)
    Free, Upload up to 1GB
    Free, Up to 100MB
    Free, Up to 100MB (delete files rapidly)
    Up to 600MB as a Free User and 2GB for paid user.
    Russian stuff you might need google translator to make an account...
    Free service very good max upload size: unknown...
    Free 100MB
    Unlimited File Uploads(well erm i doubt you will upload 1TB there )
    100% Free (yeah but you gotta register thou )
    Free, 100MB, New service with customizable lifetime's file
    Free, FTP option resumable file upload
    Free, 100MB password protection available
    Free, 50GB of storage but require free registration
    Free, Up to 1GB

    Enjoy !!!

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    129 for smaller files > under a 100mb

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    65 is now 200mb upload for free users.

    Multi Upload :

    Makes 10* mirrors and Unlimited File Size*

    * Depends how big your file is (for example if it's 150mb they will make no mirror to mediafire)
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    easy sharing and uploading files. lots of space for hosting your files.

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    super quick download
    no issues with parallel downloads,no signup

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    Where is ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by 3xtra View Post
    Where is ?
    The first post was last updated in May 2007.
    "Come visit sometime, okay? We'll always be here for you. We... we all love you."

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    I use

    Nice interface
    Max file Size allowed : 100mb
    They confirm before deleting your Drop (if it hasn't been accessed for an year or so)
    No Advertisements
    No wait time
    No issue with parallel downloading.

    Discontinued their services.
    Bought by Facebook
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    why didnt anybody mentioned for image hosting, its fantastic
    and for file hosting 5GB for free users hotlinking for all files
    and for large heavy filesharing needs try no other then

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