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Thread: Problems With Converting

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    hey dudes...
    i have problems with mainconcept when i try to convert a file from avi to vcd,
    everything goes well until the file is going to split in 2 parts.... then i get this error

    M029:Unable to write a padding pack to program file
    V007:Unable to write picture data to the output file
    Error in converting:
    De parameter is onjuist.(this is dutch: is says the parameter is uncorrect)

    the first part of the movie works, but the second doesn't and the converting isn't complete,

    and when i use tmpgenc, the file is convert correct only, the sound is gone so i don't know what to do ???

    please help me
    i have the kazaa lite full codecs pack


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    I think you have a movie using AC3 and look to this GUIDE to solve your problem then if the movie has AC3.

    Also check for bad frames on EVERY movie you download BEFORE you encode a movie because if you dont then when you encode movies it will crash.
    Guide here

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