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Thread: which version of windows

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    I am now completing a new computer setup with the new conroe processor and ATI graphics card.

    Which version of windows would be best to install

    Windows XP Pro - obviously stable and works with all current software

    Windows x64 - Will I need to install new software and will the 64 bit significantly increase performance in other software?

    Windows Vista (most recent build) - Is it stable enough? Will all software and games work on it? Will my graphics card work or will I need to find new drivers? Is the hassle (if there is any) worth it? Should I get 64 bit or 32 bit version?


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    I have an Athlon64 3500+ (AM2 socket) and after about a month I've gone back to 32bit XP because there were some things that I couldn't find for XP X64... drivers for my webcam or an even half-decent firewall.
    My ISP doesn't support 64bit so I spent hours trying to find drivers and manually configure a connection for this poxy Speedtouch USB ADSL modem.

    As regards the OS... there are no plugins for IE64-bit so you either miss out on flash/java or run the bundled IE32-bit process which, incidentally, is all you can set to open from shortcuts.
    Heh, even Windows/Microsoft update won't talk to IE64

    I just got the impression that no-one was busting a gut to develop for XP X64.

    The full release of Vista is just around the corner so I'd say install your 32bit XP Pro and wait to see how it's supported.
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    I recommend that you stick with 32bit XP Pro until after the final Vista is released. I'm not even sure about Vista at that point (too much built-in security to prevent flexible use ). We'll see about that when the time comes.


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