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    Hi there!
    Can any1 tell me how to make a bootable CD that auto restores a ghost image just by inserting the CD in the the CD_ROM ( dont have to do anything else just inserting the CD en turn-on the ps or restarting it of course).

    I made once a backup (ghost image) with northon ghost 2003 and used the ghost wizard to make a bootbale CD(burn the image dircetely to the cd's ), but that didnt work quite as I hoped. The pc starts with the cd but i doesnt start restoring the data burned on the cd.
    I have this everytime :
    insert the cd
    strat the pc
    wait till i get the ghost screen asking me what i wanna do
    and than I choose LOCAL > from image> to partition.

    I use win XP PRo and norton ghost 2003
    My hard drive is formated as NTFS.
    My BOis is set up to start from D: (or E: in case D is empty) first than C my hard drive [ no partitions]) as last from Adisk floppy)

    I hope you reply to this, a please I want some details, cuz I not really familiar with backing-up en stuff.

    Thanx in advance ;-)

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    u have to make a boot cd for ghost on the floppy put that in first then put the image of what u wan tin your CD ROM and it should retore have u made a emergencu bootup on the floppy?

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    The problem is your NG is in french. lol. j/k. Don't know if it can be done wo/a DOS system disk.

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    why do I need to make a bootbale floppy if my pc starts with the CR-rom instead of floppy-disk?
    If I really need to make that flopp, how do I do it

    oh and i'm sorry guys for that picture, I didnt know it was in french( ) I just got it from google.
    to explain the situation, you know they say a picture is better than 1000 words

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    M8 u dont have to make a flopp just make a bootable cd with nero with the files

    the conten of config sys
    DEVICE=oakcdrom.sys /d:idecd001

    the content of autoexec.bat include
    ghost.exe clone,mode=load,src=:\filename.gho,dst=1 -sure -rb

    then add ur ghost image file to the cd and burn,u can find some of them file on ur h/d or google...img cds r real handy, ive got 1 for all my os's installin and setin them up al the time

    now think about it, i dont know if as described above will work on an xp pro image because of the image size...theres i member balamm ive noticed could help u ..give him a pm


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